Our inbox is usually full, Ki Ki Mao makes sure of it.

You know how sometimes life throws you a curveball? That’s what happened in 2014 when I had to leave my teaching career to deal with my youngest son’s ongoing illness. But what looked like a catastrophe turned into something beautiful.

To keep up my spirits, I began creating uplifting quotes. Selling them created income and focusing on beauty every day created a major shift in my perspective.

With my desk now at home, I was treated to the constant antics of our three kitties — Biddlesworth, Ki Ki Mao and Chives Peabody. Their kitty tree was right next to my desk, and they would often play fight right next to me as I developed my designs. Hence, the name “Mad Kitty Media” was born.

Biddlesworth is the boss around here. He watches over the office and makes sure that everyone stays on task.

The prints began selling. My son’s health began to improve. My own health began to improve as well — chronic stomach pain that I was accustomed to living with disappeared. I started having LOTS of fun. I truly enjoy serving my customers, creating new designs and expanding the business. Watching it grow has really been something!

Today, Mad Kitty Media is no longer just me, Michelle. My husband Greg is involved, my son plays an important role, and we have employees. We moved to a commercial location where we have a storefront and manufacturing space. We have been able to help people in our community, and it gives all of us much JOY that so many people around the world are now enjoying these uplifting messages.

Greg, a “dog person,” sometimes appears to be switching sides. Greg is responsible for shipping.

We can RISE out of any circumstance. When you are drowning, don’t look at all the deep water, look at the lifeguard!

I hope you enjoy our uplifting and fun prints and mugs. Each is made with joy to create joy. Blessings!