State-to-state Mugs: Going Away Gifts That Can’t Be Beat!

These state-to-state mugs are a great way to remind someone that no matter how far the distance, you’ll always be close at heart.

These are unique gifts for many occasions. For example, get one as a unique going away gift for your best friend, girlfriend, coworker, boss, cousin or friend joining the military or taking a job in a new state.

They make the perfect moving away gift for a daughter going away to college for the first time. Every morning she’ll be reminded of who loves her at home when she looks at your sweet sentimental gift.

People who love maps will love these mugs. Know someone who has is moving from state to state? Choose a mug for her with her new state and the state she is moving from. It will be a welcome welcoming gift!

Instead of a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift, how about a “welcome to the state” gift?  Your new neighbor will remember your kindness every morning when she prepares her coffee in her new mug. Or, if your neighbor is moving away, surprise her with one of our state-to-state mugs as a going away present.

Are your kids friends with an exchange student, or do you host exchange students? Ask us for a custom mug linking their country to your state and send them home with a geographical reminder of their stay.

Realtors also find our mugs to be the perfect closing gift for a homebuyer who is new to the state.

To make gift-giving easy, we ship each mug individually boxed in a white gift box with tissue paper and tulle. Full gift wrap is available for purchase as well.

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